Best WotLK Server for PVE Progression Experience?


Best WotLK Server for PVE Progression Experience?

I have looked through the list but I have no idea which servers are populated and which ones have functional raids/dungeons.

I am looking for a server with PVE raid progression that starts it's end game progression just like live WoW (Heroics/Rep Gear) and that isn't P2W. If it has PVP that is a bonus but I really want the old WotLK Raid experience. My friend suggested Warmane but he isn't sure if the encounters are scripted/functional at end game since he usually stops after hitting level cap.

Things that it must have:
– Scripted Heroics/Raids
– Active PVE guilds running PVE content from 5man heroics all the way through to ICC
– Cash doesn't break the game for F2P (No cashshop is best but I am a realist here)

Things that I would like but don't need:
– boosted EXP
– Active PVP
– Battlegrounds