Creating Minecraft 1.9 Servers: A Step-by-Step Guide

4th Sep 2023

Minecraft, the sandbox game that has captured the hearts of millions, offers players the opportunity to create their own servers, providing a world for friends and fellow gamers to explore and build together. If you're eager to set up a Minecraft 1.9 server and embark on your multiplayer adventure, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, from installation to server management.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Prepare Your System

Before you can create a Minecraft 1.9 server, ensure that your system meets the necessary requirements. You'll need a computer with sufficient processing power and memory to host the server, as well as a stable internet connection.


Step 2: Download the Minecraft Server Software

  1. Visit the official Minecraft website ( or Mojang's download page to obtain the server software for Minecraft version 1.9.

  2. Download the server JAR (Java Archive) file for Minecraft 1.9. It's essential to select the correct version to match your desired gameplay experience.

Server Management

Step 3: Create a Dedicated Server Folder

  1. Create a dedicated folder on your computer where you want to host your Minecraft 1.9 server. This folder will contain all the server files.

  2. Place the downloaded server JAR file into this folder.

Step 4: Run the Server

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt on your computer.

  2. Navigate to the server folder you created in Step 3 using the "cd" command. For example, if your folder is on the desktop, you would use the command:

    cd Desktop/server_folder_name
  3. Start the Minecraft 1.9 server by running the following command:

    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.9.jar nogui

    This command allocates 1GB of RAM to the server. You can adjust the values (e.g., -Xmx2048M for 2GB) based on your system's available memory.

  4. The server will generate necessary files, including the world folder and server properties. It may take some time, especially during the first launch.

Step 5: Customize Your Server

  1. Open the "" file using a text editor. Here, you can customize server settings, such as the server name, game mode, difficulty, and more.

  2. Save the changes to the file.

Step 6: Invite Players

Share your server's IP address with friends or players you want to invite to your Minecraft 1.9 server. They can join your server by entering the IP address when connecting to a multiplayer game.

Step 7: Server Management

To manage your Minecraft 1.9 server, you can use various server management tools or plugins. These tools provide features like player moderation, server backups, and more.

Creating a Minecraft 1.9 server allows you to craft your multiplayer world, share adventures, and collaborate with friends. With this step-by-step guide, you're well on your way to hosting your Minecraft server and enjoying the limitless possibilities of the blocky universe alongside your fellow gamers. Happy crafting!

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