High pop PVE Server recommendations?


High pop PVE Server recommendations?

Looking for a fairly active PVE based server, preferably 5x or more xp rate WOTLK upwards. I'm based in the UK so preferably an English speaking server. Really my main focus would be end game raiding and maybe some pvp too to mix things up a bit.

But generally PvE servers don't have high populations. I know I'll have to go to a PvP server and find a PvE oriented guild.

From what I saw so far I think tauri is primarily PVE based and very well scripted but its MoP. Warmane's not a bad choice despite what this community says. But if you roll ice crown be prepared to farm and get farmed by players who have been playing that shit for years and have every class maxed out. Lorderon is a better choice if you don't want to feel like you need to spend 100 dollars for smourne, but the rates are either 1x or 2x I'm not 100% sure.

I'm not sure where Sunwell is sitting right now on their WOTLK realm but it was good back when I played on it. Might just be a meme at this point. Regardless almost all servers are heavily UK populated so you wont have any issues there.