Minecraft Towny servers


Minecraft Towny servers

Minecraft towny servers allow players to claim pieces of land in the world to develop their own towns. Once their town is built, they can recruit other players to live in the towns.

There are many differences in the gameplay and features between towny servers. Many of the best servers offer extensive town customization options. On some servers, it is possible to hold general elections, where the town can elect their mayor.

This list features the top Minecraft towny servers, each with their own unique features. All listed options are 100% free and available online 24/7.


Mox MC is a fun, unique and entertaining towny server. It has many features that make it stand out from the rest. One of the most notable is the wide range of custom building types you can set in the town. Players can also define the town's jail, town bars, and town hall.

Minecraft Java Versions 1.7-1.16 are supported by the server, so players can play any version.


A popular Minecraft network called “Datblock”, currently runs a towny server named “Datearth”, which implements the amazing concept of bringing real-life Earth to a Minecraft server.

Players can create real-life towns on a Minecraft map. Players can create a town and engage in geopolitics (called “Nations”) on the server. This is a great way to have fun with the primary game mode of towny.


The Cavern is an experience in survival Minecraft 1.16. The Cavern claims to be lag-free and can host up to 100 players simultaneously in one world. This is a remarkable feat for a 1.16 server.

Of course, the Cavern offers all of the typical towny features. It also offers extra gameplay features that players would not expect to find on a typical towny server. This makes it stand out. These features include weekly art and fishing contests, pets and slimefun.


CubedMC is a refined Minecraft towny experience that targets a mature audience of more experienced players. The server doesn't have a large player base as the others. This will make it a better choice for those who want a more peaceful experience.

CubedMC offers many mechanisms to support more in-depth elements of town roleplay, including jobs, reputation, ranks and levels. The server is currently running version 1.16.


Medieval Lords is a Minecraft server that uses unique gameplay choices. It has a unique “boss” feature that allows players to fight over 30 bosses in order to earn rewards.

MLMC boasts RPG classes as well as rich server lore. Every township is encouraged to create its own backstory. This adds to the highly supported roleplay on the server. The current version of the game is 1.16.4.