WoW Jewelcrafting Guide


WoW Jewelcrafting Guide

The materials for jewelcrafting come from mining and if you don't have a miner you will have to buy these items. The fastest way to level up your jewelcrafting is to buy these components off the Auction House when available.

Since patch 2.4 was implemented you can now train up to Jewelcrafting at any trainer available. To get your skill past 300 you will need to see the Master Jewelcrafting Trainer that is located in each factions appropriate starting city for the Burning Crusade in Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold and Thrallmar.

This guide is the quickest way to get your Jewelcrafting to 375. Some of the components you will make in Jewelcrafting will be used to craft other items later in the guide, we will make a point to tell you which items to hold onto when possible.

Apprentice Jewelcrafting

There are 5 different items you will be creating to go from 1-75. The first item you will be making is Delicate Copper Wire, keep all of the ones you make because they will be used later in this section. The last item you will make is the Bronze Setting, keep all of these cause they will be used in the next section.

Journeyman Jewelcrafting

There are 4 items you will make to level from 75-150 but you don't have to keep any of them. Some of the rings might sell on the auction house for twinks, if not vendor them or save them incase you decide to level up enchanting somewhere in the future.

Expert Jewelcrafting

Keep your Mithril Filigree because itw ill be used to make the Engraved Truesilver Ring. If there aren't any flask of mojo's available on the auction house you can farm these in Hinterlands off the trolls.

Artisan Jewelcrafting

This section can be expensive. You will be using gems that are sometimes rare on the auction house and rare in general because they come out of Thorium veins and pre-burning crusade high level mobs. There aren't a lot of people focusing their attention on these so you will want to scan for the following gems whenever your near the auction house: Large Opal, Azerothian Diamond, and Huge Emerald. Keep your Thorium Settings that you make becuase they will be used multiple times in this section; you will probably have to make or buy more after you are done skilling up on them.

Master Jewelcrafting

There are a lot of options to get from 300-375 so we've chosen a primary for you to make when there were alternatives but we will also list out the alternatives you can make for some of the steps. A lot of these gems will sell on the auction house.

300-305 alternatives – Teardrop Blood Garnet (1x Blood Garnet), Inscribed Flame Spessarite (1x Flame Spessarite), Radiant Deep Peridot (1x Deep Peridot), Glowing Shadow Draenite (1x Shadow Draenite), Brilliant Golden Draenite (1x Golden Draenite), Solid Azure Moonstone (1x Azure Moonstone).

305-310 alternatives – Bright Blood Garnet (1x Blood Garnet), Bold Blood Garnet (1x Blood Garnet), Sparkling Azure Moonstone (1x Azure Moonstone), Luminous Flame Spessarite (1x Flame Spessarite), Gleaming Golden Draenite (1x Golden Draenite), Jagged Deep Peridot (1x Deep Peridot).

315-320 alternatives – Stormy Azure Moonstone (1x Azure Moonstones), Thick Golden Draenite (1x Golden Draenite), Shifting Shadow Draenite (1x Shadow Draenite), Enduring Deep Peridot (1x Deep Peridot), Glinting Flame Spessarite (1x Flame Spessarite), Runed Blood Garnet (1x Blood Garnet).

350-355 there is an extremely long list of things that you can make to go from 350-355, use whatever recipes you have available

355-360 The Living Ruby Pendant is a rare world drop and you will have to get off the auction house if available. If you cannot find this pattern you can also look for Thick Felsteel Necklace which is another rare world drop. There are a ton of rare world drops to level at this step, if you can't find any of them try making something that is yellow or green in your current design list to get past this step.

360-365 Ring of Arcane Shielding is from the Sha'tari Quartermaster in Shattrah city and requires Honored Reputation with The Sha'tar. An alternative to this is to go farm for Khorium Band of Leaves in Blade's Edge Mountains. It is a 1/500 drop from Vekh'nir Dreadhawk which are located in the very Southeastern section of Blade's Edge Mountains. Otherwise, keep skilling up off greens!!

365-370 Embrace of the Dawn is going to be expensive but it can be found on the Auction House. There are other rare world drops you can purchase around this level as well or continue skilling up with what you have.

370-375 The Felsteel Boar Figuring Design can be purchased off the Lower City Quartermaster in Shattrah. You will need to be Revered with Lower City. There are other alternatives that can be purchased off the Honor Hold / Thrallmar vendors or Sha'tari quartermaster that will require revered reputation as well.